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01/10/15 Passiac, NJ 386 Lafayette St dwelling fire

05/07/15 West Haven multi alarm marsh fire

05/14/15 Bridgeport Dwelling fire 1775 Noble Ave

08/11/15 New Haven, CT EDP in the Quinnipiac River

11/12/15 Norwalk, CT 8 Foster Sq. strip mall

15810 Petoskey Two Vacant Dwellings

1901 Davison Bus Fire

19533 Reno Vacant Dwelling

2009 CT Firemans Parade

2009 Engine 260 Muster

2010 Tristate Firemans Meet

2016 Engine 260 Muster Milford, CT

2525 LaSalle Gardens No. Dwelling Fire

2740 Fullerton vacant apartment

2nd Alarm Family Dollar Store Fire Jos. Compau and East McNichols

2nd alarm New Haven 28 Stevens St.

30th annual Bridgeport Area Retired Firefighters memorial mass

4737 Braden Occupied Dwelling

5391 East Outer Dr. Car fire in a vacant building

5707 Chopin two vacant dwellings

6223 Lafayette Blvd. W. Vacant Commercial Building

6396 Hazelet Vacant Dwelling

Aberdeen MD Pinjob w/Medivac

Allingtown 21 Dalton Street


Ansonia Fire Museum

Ansonia Main Street Bldg Fire

Antique Fire Apparatus

Baltimore City Firehouses

Baltimore City MD No. Patterson Park Ave & Ashland Ave.

Baltimore City(02/17)

Baltimore County(01/22)

Baltimore dwelling fire 3710 West Bay Rd.

Belleville NJ 3rd alarm+ 63 Heckel St.

BFD Apparatus

Bridgeport American Steak House

Bridgeport Colorado Avenue

Bridgeport Fairfield Ave

Bridgeport Remington Arms Factory

Bridgeport Reservoir & Rita

Bridgeport Stratford Ave & Edwin

Bridgeport 1003 East Main St.

Bridgeport 114 Cottage St.

Bridgeport 1165 Central Ave dwelling fire

Bridgeport 134 Dewey Street

Bridgeport 1492 Iranistan Ave.

Bridgeport 227-231 Spring St.

Bridgeport 2310 Main St.

Bridgeport 2446 Main St

Bridgeport 245 Vine Street

Bridgeport 255 Coleman St.

Bridgeport 2nd Alarm 1081 Stratford Avenue

Bridgeport 2nd alarm 181 Poplar Street

Bridgeport 2nd Alarm 3260 Main St.

Bridgeport 2nd Alarm 331-35 George Street

Bridgeport 2nd Alarm 350 Hanover St.

Bridgeport 2nd Alarm Commercial Bldg. 33 Knowlton St.

Bridgeport 32 Yale St.

Bridgeport 380 Wood Avenue

Bridgeport 385 Platt St. EDP Arson attempt

Bridgeport 400 Olive Street

Bridgeport 410 Hollister Avenue vacant dwelling

Bridgeport 46 Willow Street

Bridgeport 480 Connecticut Ave.

Bridgeport 55 George Street Dwelling Fire

Bridgeport 5th alarm warehouse fire 2101 Seaview Avenue

Bridgeport 5th Street

Bridgeport 625 Colorado Avenue

Bridgeport 71-75 Alanson Rd. Condo Fire

Bridgeport 72-76 Seely St.

Bridgeport 74 Eric St dwelling fire

Bridgeport 78 Madison Ave

Bridgeport Atlantic Street

Bridgeport Beardsley Park Bunnells Pond

Bridgeport Beardsley St.

Bridgeport Beardsley Street

Bridgeport Beech and Jane Two dwellings

Bridgeport Beech St.

Bridgeport Beechwood & Clinton

Bridgeport Benham Ave

Bridgeport Berkshire Ave

Bridgeport Brooklawn Conservatories

Bridgeport Brooks St.

Bridgeport Brooks St. Garage Fire

Bridgeport Calvin Ave Garage Fire

Bridgeport Casco Factory Fire

Bridgeport Catherine St.

Bridgeport Center St. and Harral Av

Bridgeport Center St. w/rescues

Bridgeport Clarence St.

Bridgeport Clinton Ave.

Bridgeport Clinton Ave. b/t Railroad & State St.

Bridgeport Colorado Avenue

Bridgeport Connecticut & Fifth St.

Bridgeport Connecticut Ave.

Bridgeport Corner of Coleman St. & Harral Ave.

Bridgeport CT 1999 LODD FF. Walter Flyntz

Bridgeport CT General Alarm Hancock Ave.

Bridgeport Davenport Street

Bridgeport Dewhirst Dairy

Bridgeport Downtown Middle St.

Bridgeport East Avenue

Bridgeport East Main St

Bridgeport East Main Street

Bridgeport Elmwood Ave.

Bridgeport Engine 12

Bridgeport Factory Fire 1 Stratford Ave

Bridgeport Fairfield and Butler

Bridgeport Fire Department Promotional Ceremony

Bridgeport Fire Elmwood Ave Dwelling

Bridgeport Fire Lenox Avenue

Bridgeport Fire Public Demonstration

Bridgeport Firehouses

Bridgeport Frank St.

Bridgeport Freemont St.

Bridgeport General Alarm Factory Fire Hancock and Railroad

Bridgeport Gregory Street

Bridgeport Hallet & Artic Sts.

Bridgeport Hancock Ave

Bridgeport Hancock Avenue

Bridgeport Hanover Street

Bridgeport Harral Ave And Center St

Bridgeport Helen and Shelton Sts.

Bridgeport Hough Ave.

Bridgeport Howard Ave.

Bridgeport Hudson Street

Bridgeport Iranistan Ave

Bridgeport Italian Social Club Madison Ave

Bridgeport Jerry's Pizza

Bridgeport Jerry's Pizza Pequonnock St.

Bridgeport Jones Ave

Bridgeport Laurel Ave Two Houses

Bridgeport Laurel Avenue

Bridgeport Laurel Court

Bridgeport Lenox Ave

Bridgeport Lenox Avenue

Bridgeport Lesbia St three houses

Bridgeport Lexington & James St.

Bridgeport Lexington Ave. w/rescues

Bridgeport Lindley St @ Rt.25 Exit

Bridgeport Madison and Harral Ave

Bridgeport Madison and Harral Aves

Bridgeport Madison Ave Scene of Previous Fire

Bridgeport Madison Avenue

Bridgeport Madison Avenue Bulls Head

Bridgeport Main & Grand Sts.

Bridgeport Main St. San Remos Pizza

Bridgeport Maplewood & Wood Ave

Bridgeport McKinley Avenue

Bridgeport Miscellaneous

Bridgeport Mountain Grove Street

Bridgeport Mva Rollover Main Street

Bridgeport Mva RT. 25 south near exit 3

Bridgeport Newfield Avenue

Bridgeport Noble And Artic St.

Bridgeport Noble Avenue

Bridgeport Norman & Olive Sts 2nd Fire

Bridgeport Norman St & Olive St.

Bridgeport North Ave & Goodman St.

Bridgeport Ogden Street

Bridgeport Ogden Street dwelling fire

Bridgeport Organ St.

Bridgeport Orland @ Wakeman Sts.

Bridgeport Park Ave

Bridgeport Park Avenue & West Liberty Street

Bridgeport Park Avenue Pin Job

Bridgeport Park Terr.

Bridgeport Patricia Dr.

Bridgeport Pembroke St. Vacant Bldg

Bridgeport Pembrooke & Nichols Sts.

Bridgeport Pembrooke & Spring St.

Bridgeport Pembrooke Street

Bridgeport Pencil Factory

Bridgeport Pequonnock & Linen Ave.

Bridgeport Pequonnock And Olive Sts

Bridgeport Pierpont St

Bridgeport Pin Job Evers St.

Bridgeport Pine and Bird Sts.

Bridgeport Pine St.

Bridgeport Poplar Street Three Houses

Bridgeport Putnam & Pembrooke

Bridgeport Putnam St.

Bridgeport Railroad Ave

Bridgeport rear of 455 Maplewood Ave.

Bridgeport Remington Arms Factory Fire Barnum Ave

Bridgeport RT. 8/25 MVA

Bridgeport Seaside Park Bath House

Bridgeport Seaview and Deacon

Bridgeport Seaview Avenue Factory Fire

Bridgeport Seely St.

Bridgeport Shelton and Hallett

Bridgeport Shelton St.

Bridgeport Shelton Street

Bridgeport Skydels Dept. Store

Bridgeport State & Organ Sts.

Bridgeport Steeple Rescue

Bridgeport Stillman And Hayes

Bridgeport Stratford & Newfield

Bridgeport Stratford @ Wilmont Avenues

Bridgeport Stratford Ave & Wilmont

Bridgeport Stratford Ave w/rescues

Bridgeport Stratford Ave. & Hewitt St.

Bridgeport Stratford Ave. & Miles St.

Bridgeport Third Alarm Fairfield Avenue vacant condo

Bridgeport Tractor Trailer tip over Rt. 8/25 connector

Bridgeport Two Alarm Fire Gold & Middle Sts

Bridgeport Unquowa Hill St.

Bridgeport vacant dwelling Bunnell Street

Bridgeport W. Liberty Street

Bridgeport Waldorf Ave.

Bridgeport Watson's Bldg. March 1967

Bridgeport West Avenue

Bridgeport West Avenue w/Rescues

Bridgeport Westfield Avenue

Bridgeport Whitney Avenue

Bridgeport William St.

Bridgeport Williston Street

Bridgeport Wood Ter. dwelling fire

Bridgeport Yacht Street

Bridgeport, CT -255 Bradley St. dwelling fire

Bridgeport/Stratford Sikorsky Airport Plane Crash

Bristol CT Fire Department

Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Downing St and Putnam.

Brooklyn Allhands Box 1651

Brooklyn Allhands Smith & Atlantic

Brooklyn NY Pin Job Greene & St. Marks Pl.

Brooklyn, CT FD Extrication Demo

Buffalo Fire Department

Colchester Fire Museum Open House

Collector Owned (09/13)

Connecticut Fire Houses

Connecticut Fire Museum Tour

Connecticut Fireman's Museum open house

Connecticut State Fireman's Parade 2015

CT Fire Museum Water Tower Demo

CT Firefighters on Parade

Darien Live Burn

Dearborn MI Joy Rd Building Fire

Derby 3rd alarm 22 Caroline St building fire

Detroit 2901 Pennsylvania Ave 10/31

Detroit 07/19/10 Gratiot & Faircrest

Detroit 07/20/10 Jos. Campau & Garfield

Detroit 07/21/10

Detroit 07/21/10 Edsel Ford Serv. Drive & 16th

Detroit 07/22/10 7000 Burlingame

Detroit 07/22/10 Dearborn and W. Jefferson

Detroit 10/26/10 Vacant Motel 666 Martin Luther King Blvd

Detroit 10/28/10 1057 Casgrain Dwelling fire

Detroit 10/28/10 15900 Dexter Dwelling fire

Detroit 10/28/10 4072 Cabot Dwelling Fire

Detroit 10/28/10 Cedarlawn & Griggs Dwelling Fire

Detroit 10/28/10 Vacant House Harbough & Sire

Detroit 10/29/10 5575 Harvard Multiple Garages on Fire

Detroit 10/29/10 John C. Lodge & LaBelle

Detroit 10/29/10 Joy & Monica two seperate dwellings

Detroit 11000 Bewick Dwelling Fire

Detroit 11126 Corbett St

Detroit 11630 Cloverdale Commercial Bldg.

Detroit 11817 Corbett St.

Detroit 12424 Garnet vacant dwelling

Detroit 13134 Sunset vacant dwelling

Detroit 13137 Barlow vacant dwelling

Detroit 1334 No. Green Street 10/29

Detroit 13495 Shields vacant dwelling

Detroit 13827 Gallagher two dwellings

Detroit 14376 Freeland St.

Detroit 15003 Ward vacant dwelling

Detroit 15246 Glennwood

Detroit 15717 Riverdale Ave Two Dwellings 07/18

Detroit 15847 Stansbury 10/29

Detroit 1661 Highland occupied dwelling

Detroit 17446 Anglin dwelling fire

Detroit 17572 Dequindre St. Two Dwellings 07/18

Detroit 17815 Mount Elliot

Detroit 17836 Charest

Detroit 18037 Manistique Vacant Dwelling 11/1

Detroit 19194 Exeter Three Dwellings 10/31

Detroit 19267 Andover vacant dwelling

Detroit 19642 Joanne

Detroit 2006 Campbell dwelling fire

Detroit 2200 Collingwood @ 14st. Vacant Dwelling 11/1

Detroit 2530So. Fort St Vacant gas station

Detroit 2600 Block of Inglis St.10/31

Detroit 2689 Elmhurst two dwellings

Detroit 2925 Melbourne 10/30

Detroit 2994 Cadillac Blvd. occupied dwelling

Detroit 2nd Alarm 12066 Dexter Commercial Bldg.

Detroit 2nd Alarm 18980 Fenton St. 10/31

Detroit 2nd Alarm Church Fire 8240 Grand River Ave

Detroit 2nd alarm Commercial building fire 191611 Schaefer

Detroit 2nd Alarm E. Jefferson & Newport Commercial Building 10/29

Detroit 2nd alarm Pitt and Central Apartment Bldg.

Detroit 2nd Alarm Vacant Warehouse 1830 Alfred

Detroit 3019 Pasedena Dwelling fire 03/15

Detroit 3026 Williams Dwelling FIre

Detroit 32nd and Rich vacant dwelling

Detroit 3465 Beals

Detroit 3531 Nottingham

Detroit 3749 Moore Pl. Vacant House 07/17

Detroit 3944 Livernois two dwellings

Detroit 4170 Manistique vacant dwelling

Detroit 4277 Sturtevant St. Occupied 10/31

Detroit 4336 Dickerson Vacant House 10/30

Detroit 470 Navahoe 10/29

Detroit 4792 Springwells 3 houses

Detroit 494 So. Waring Dwelling Fire

Detroit 518 W. Brentwood vacant dwelling

Detroit 5200 Rohns

Detroit 5661 Addison three dwellingd

Detroit 6240 Canton Street Two Dwellings 10/29

Detroit 6392 Farr

Detroit 6404 Devereaux dwelling fire

Detroit 6412 Northfield Two Houses10/30

Detroit 6412 Regular

Detroit 6515 Whitewood vacant dwelling

Detroit 6832 Edward Street Dwelling Fire

Detroit 6901 St. John St. 07/17

Detroit 6977 Piedmont dwelling fire

Detroit 7774 Bryden Large outside rubbish

Detroit 780 Philip St. Vacant Dwelling 11/1

Detroit 8028-34 Seneca two dwellings

Detroit 8041 Alpine Vacant Dwelling 10/31

Detroit 8304 St. Cyril dwelling Fire

Detroit 8349 Colfax dwelling fire

Detroit 850 Beard Street Dwelling 10/29

Detroit 9001 Melville and 262 So. Fortune two vacant dwellings

Detroit 919 Keller

Detroit 975 Fernhill Two Dwellings 03/14

Detroit Apparatus(04/27/10)

Detroit Barker and Cadillac

Detroit Box Alarm 2984 Canton

Detroit Box Alarm 340 Woodland

Detroit Box Alarm 5660 Stanton

Detroit Box Alarm 5848 Ogden

Detroit Box Alarm 6914 Montrose

Detroit Box Alarm 725 Whitmore

Detroit Box Alarm 8907 Faust dwelling fire

Detroit Box Alarm 92 Worcester Pl.

Detroit Box Alarm Edison and McQuade dwelling fire

Detroit Box Alarm Martin Luther King and 14 st.

Detroit Box Alarm McGraw and Cabot three dwellings

Detroit Box Alarm Pitt and Wendell

Detroit Box Alarm Runyon

Detroit Box Alarm Yosemite and Kay Vacant Dwelling

Detroit Burwell & Cecil 10/31

Detroit Canton and Sylvester

Detroit Car Fire Livernois & John Kronk

Detroit Casper & Michigan Vacant Dwelling 10/30

Detroit Chalmers vacant dwelling

Detroit Cicotte & Dennis 10/31

Detroit Columbus & Grand River 04/02/11

Detroit Commercial Building Fire 5839 Chene

Detroit Doris & Wildemere 10/30

Detroit E. Jefferson & Kitchener Commercial Bldg.

Detroit East Palmer and Chene Commercial building

Detroit Edward and Clippert vacant dwelling

Detroit FireBoat 1 Curtis Randolph

Detroit Firehouses (07/21)

Detroit Gilbert Occupied Apartment 10/30

Detroit Gratiot & Ellery

Detroit Gratiot & Faircrest

Detroit Gunston & Glenfield Three Dwellings 03/16

Detroit Gunston & Maiden

Detroit Hamburg and Pinewood Vacant Dwelling

Detroit Harding and Schoemaker

Detroit Havanna & W. Lantz St. 2 Houses

Detroit Heidleberg Project

Detroit Holcomb & Goethe

Detroit Holden & Trumbull Dwelling 04/02/11

Detroit Hurlburt

Detroit I-75 @ Mack Ave Rollover 10/31

Detroit Indiandale & 14th and 14th& Waverly

Detroit Lawton & Kerchival two dwellings

Detroit Leslie & Linwood 10/30

Detroit Madeline and Queen

Detroit Marne and Casino vacant dwelling

Detroit McGraw & Cabot 10/29

Detroit Military St

Detroit Miscellaneous 10/28/10

Detroit Pin Job Gratiot & Marcus

Detroit Pin Job Gratiot and Eastburn

Detroit Plymouth & Rutland 10/31

Detroit Prairie & Puritan

Detroit Richton and Rosa Parks

Detroit River Walk Victim in the water

Detroit Scrapyard 1909 Mack

Detroit St. Aubin & Medbury 10/30

Detroit Tarnow Rear of Garage Fire 04/02/11

Detroit Three Box Alarms Linwood & Tyler Buena Vista & Montville and 12849 Montville

Detroit Tuxedo and Lawton vacant dwelling fire

Detroit Vacant Apartment Bldg. E.Warren & Manistique

Detroit W. Jefferson & So. Crawford occupied 07/18

Detroit W. Warren & Epsworth Sts

Detroit W.Warren & Wesson 10/29

Detroit Wesson & McGraw 10/30

Detroit Wyoming and Buena Vista vacant dwelling fire

East Hampton Bevin Clock Factory Fire

East Haven plane crash

Easton FD Live Burn

Emergency Vehicles

Fairfield Big Little Sanitation

Fairfield County (02/02/12)

Fairfield County FF's Memorial Mass

Fairfield Lake Mohegan Caretakers House

Farm Tractor & Harvester Fire Benton Township Pa

FDNY Apparatus (05/15)

FDNY Bronx Third Alarm

FDNY Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 2513

FDNY Fire Boats

FDNY Houses (02/13)

FDNY Shops 2009

FDNY Shops 2010

FDNY Shops 2016

FDNY Shops 2017

Feature Branford M.P Rice Hose Co. 2

Feature FDNY 343 Fireboat

Feature New Haven Engine 10 & Truck 3

Feature New London County FD's

Feature Sikorsky Fire Dept. Stratford CT

FF's Memorials

FF. Michel Baik Truck 11


Firetrucks of the Carribean

Flash Fire Industries Forcible Entry Class

Grand Opening of Box 63 New Haven

Groton Ct Submarine Base Fire Dept.

Hamden Last Chance Filter Experiment

Hamtramck 13400 Ryan & Luce Corner of

Hartford County (07/13)

Hazel Park MI Tanker Crash And Fire 07/15

Highland Park 116 Church St occupied dwelling

Highland Park 156 Colorado Garage Fire 10/29

Highland Park 2nd alarm 120 Farrand Park

Highland Park Box Alarm 952 Pasadena

Highland Park Hamilton & Grand Three Dwellings

Key West Fire Museum Tour

Litchfield County (07/13)

Long Island Epic Apparatus Event

Lt. Velasquez Funeral Truck 11

Mack pumper and Tower ladder demo

Manchester 3rd Alarm 801 Main St.

Manhattan Box 1789 75 Sherman Ave.

Massachuesetts Rigs (09/13)

Middlefield 227 Main St

Middlesex County (02/12/02)

Milford 3rd alarm condo fire 267 Melba St.

Milford 3rd Alarm Laurel and Broadway

Milford dive recovery car into water

Milford Factory Fire 46 Erna Ave

Milford I-95 Tractor Trailor Fire

Milford Junkyard fire

Milford Three Alarm Taxpayer

Milford Xscape Nightclub


Monroe Multiple Alarm Fire 193 Main St.

National Guard Bambie Bucket Training

New Haven

New Haven 111-113 Hobart St.

New Haven 112 Maple St dwelling fire

New Haven 116 Hurlburt St House Fire 3rd Fl.

New Haven 143 Main St

New Haven 1599 Chapel St dwelling fire

New Haven 161 Ella Grasso Blvd

New Haven 20 Orange Ave Campbell Auto

New Haven 2009 St.Patricks Day Parade

New Haven 2016 St. Patty's Day Parade

New Haven 214 Central Avenue

New Haven 251 Kimberly Ave

New Haven 271 Alden Avenue

New Haven 275 James St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 1255 Chapel St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 1460 Whalley Ave.

New Haven 2nd alarm 1475 Chapel St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 153 James Street

New Haven 2nd alarm 155 Clay St

New Haven 2nd alarm 157 Orange St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 178 Henry St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 24 Downing St. dwelling fire

New Haven 2nd Alarm 255 Ellsworth St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 266 Blatchley Ave

New Haven 2nd Alarm 27 Kossuth St

New Haven 2nd Alarm 343 Grand Ave

New Haven 2nd alarm 35 Pendelton St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 366 Sherman Ave

New Haven 2nd alarm 380 Blatchley Ave.

New Haven 2nd alarm 39 Fairfield St dwelling fire

New Haven 2nd alarm 424 Dixwell Ave.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 49 Vernon St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 55 Redfield St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 594 George St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 6 Rowe St.

New Haven 2nd alarm 612 Dixwell Avenue

New Haven 2nd Alarm 76 Mechanic St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm 858 State St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm Coogan Pavillion

New Haven 2nd alarm house fire 67 Dickerman St.

New Haven 2nd Alarm Lombard & Downing

New Haven 2nd Alarm Quinnipiac and Warwick

New Haven 3rd Alarm 1 Norton St.

New Haven 3rd Alarm 16 E.Grand Ave

New Haven 3rd Alarm 191 Winchester Ave.

New Haven 3rd alarm 99 Harbor Close

New Haven 461 Howard Avenue

New Haven 51 Mead St.

New Haven 544 Congress St.

New Haven 730 Howard Ave roof fire

New Haven 734 Orchard Street

New Haven 922 Winchester Ave dwelling fire

New Haven 94 Plymouth St bedroom fire

New Haven Brass Monkey Saloon

New Haven Chief Allyn Wright Swearing in Ceremony

New Haven Corner of Prince and Lafayette vacant dwelling

New Haven County (07/13)

New Haven Crown St. BAR Rest.

New Haven Dedication of Engine 9 1909 Westinghouse horse drawn engine

New Haven Fairview Avenue Dwelling

New Haven Farren Ave. & Landcraft St.

New Haven Fatal 2nd Alarm 48-50 Wolcott St.

New Haven Fatal 3rd Alarm Highrise Fire

New Haven Fire Boat

New Haven Fire Cove Street

New Haven Firehouses past & present

New Haven Fourth Alarm Delaney's Pub

New Haven Greenwich & Third

New Haven I-95 No. Near Exit 44

New Haven LODD Funeral 04/27/09

New Haven Marine 1

New Haven Pinjob Ella Grasso Blvd.

New Haven Second Alarm 133 Stiles St. Tire CenterS

New Haven Second Alarm 260 Howard Ave.

New Haven second alarm Box 901 577 Winthrop Ave

New Haven Squads 1&2 Photo Shoot

New Haven Tank Fire

New Haven Third Alarm 307 Howard Ave

New Hyde Park, LINY 27 Clyde St. basement fire

New London County (02/02/12)

New York State Rigs(09/13)

Newark Fire Department Parade

Newington Fire Department

Newington Fire Department Apparatus Shoot

NHFD 25 Market St.

NHFD Apparatus

North Branford 683 Forest Rd Greenhouse Fire

North Haven Scrapyard Fire

Norwich CT Yantic Fire Department

Old School Fire Photos

Other States (09/13)

Out of State Firehouses

Philadelphia Two Alarm Body Shop Fire

Police Emergency Vehicles


Rahway NJ 4th Alarm

Seymour 125th Parade

Seymour 3rd Alarm Seymour Specialty Wire Company

Shelton Fire Canal St.

Southington, CT 3rd alarm 315 Main St. vacant building

Special FX (03/07)

Springfield, MA 2nd alarm 140 Wilbraham Ave.

Stratford Boston Avenue & Light St.

Stratford Fire Vacant Bowling Alley

Stratford Pleasure Beach cottages

Stratford Pleasure Beach Cottages II

The Boneyard

Tolland County (02/02/12)

Trumbull Center Grand Union Plaza

Trumbull Sunnycrest Rd.

Tweed New Haven Airport 2014 Disaster Drill

Vermont Rigs

Wallingford 131 Brentwood Village Condo fire

Wallingford 298 Ward St Basement Fire

Wallingford Fire Department

West Hartford Fire Department

West Haven 114 Highland Street Dwelling Fire

West Haven 118 Elizabeth St bedroom fire

West Haven 15 May Street Dwelling Fire

West Haven 155 Brown Street

West Haven 23 Lee Street

West Haven 233 Washington Avenue Third floor

West Haven 235 East St.

West Haven 246 Elm Street Bedroom Fire

West Haven 2nd Alarm 183 Center St.

West Haven 2nd Alarm 51 Gilbert St.

West Haven 2nd Alarm 774 Washington Avenue

West Haven 2nd Alarm 817 Campbell Avenue

West Haven 339 Center St dwelling fire

West Haven 35 Industrial Dr.

West Haven 357 Blohm St

West Haven 357 Blohm Street Third Floor

West Haven 3rd Alarm 52 Richards St.

West Haven 3rd Alarm Gino's Steakhouse

West Haven 41 Jones Hill Rd apartment fire

West Haven 580 Center St.

West Haven 59 Locust St.

West Haven 714 Savin Ave Apartment fire

West Haven 87 Washington Ave.

West Haven 90 Clark St. bathroom fire

West Haven Allingtown 94 Hinman St.

West Haven Boat Launch

West Haven car fire

West Haven corner of Front & Clifton Sts.

West Haven dwelling fire 18 North Street

West Haven fireboat Marine 3 training

West Haven Firehouses

West Haven former Debonair Motel

West Haven I-95 Pin job

West Haven I-95 Truck Accident

West Haven Kayaker in Distress

West Haven Kite Surfer Rescue

West Haven Lamson St.

West Haven Live Burn

West Haven next to 212 Main St. structure fire

West Haven Third Alarm 210 Blohm Street

West Haven Water Rescue-stranded fishermen

West Haven Xtra Mart 750 First Ave.

West Haven(West Shore) 253 Highland Ave dwelling fire.

Westchester County Equipment Demo Day 2013

Windham County (02/02/12)


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